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Thanks to everyone who registered and submitted abstracts! We have 60 participants who will attend our meeting. With nearly 50 presentations covering a wide range of topics centered around the muscle biology field, we hope that the AMC will be an exciting, illuminating (and fun!) experience for all.
You can find some statistical analysis of the participants and a complete list of participating scientists below. It will also be published in our scientific program.


Because the AMC meeting is aimed at scientists early in their research career (PhD students, postdocs, junior faculty), we are delighted that nearly 3/4 of all attendees are PhD students or Postdocs! We look forward to exciting networking opportunities, and to hear from the people who do the majority of the experimental work in a modern research laboratory.



Please refer to the program for latest updates on participating scientists.

A Abbott, Emily UC Irvine M Manso, Ana Maria UCSD School of Medicine, Department of Medicine and VA Healthcare San Diego
Albini, Sonia Sanford Burnham Institute Mathewson, Margie University of California San Diego
Aydogdu, Tufan Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute McMorran, Brian University of California, Los Angeles
B Boscolo Sesillo, Francesca Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Melkani, Girish San Diego State University
C Chao, Lily Children's Hospital Los Angeles Meyer, Gretchen UCSD
Chapman, Mark University of California - San Diego Michielin, Federica Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Padova, Italy
Chen, Zhen UCSD Mohr, Laura Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Cho, Yoshitake The Scripps Research Institute Moore-Morris, Thomas UCSD
Consonni, Silvio UCSD N Naonobu, Fujita UCSD
Coutinho, Paula Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Novak, Stefanie University of Arizona
D Dall'Agnese, Alessandra Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Nworu, Chinedu University of Arizona
Danos, Nicole University of California Irvine P Pfeiffer, Emily UCSD Bioengineering
Dayanidhi, Sudarshan UCSD Pykäläinen, Anette UCSD
Dewan, Sukriti University Of California at San Diego R Rodriguez-Soto, Ana E. UCSD
Diaz Trelles, Ramon Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute S Sacco, Alessandra Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Domenighetti, Andrea UCSD Sato, Eugene UCSD
Domenighetti, Andrea UCSD SHENTU, TZU PIN UCSD
Doroudgar, Shirin San Diego State University Heart Institute Stroud, Matt UCSD
G Gatto, Sole Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute T Tapia, Olga The Scripps Research Institute
Giordani, Lorenzo Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Taylor-Weiner, Hermes University of California, San Diego
Gokhin, David The Scripps Research Institute Tierney, Matthew Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Gromova, Anastasia Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute Tsianos, George L-3 Applied Technologies, Inc.
H Henderson, Christine University of Arizona V van Vliet, Piet UCSD
Houk, Andrew UCSD Vincent, Ludovic University of California, San Diego
I Israeli, Sharon UCSD/VA Healthcare Volkers, Mirko San Diego State University
K Kaushik, Gaurav UCSD Bioengineering X Xue, Weiguo Beijing university of chinese medicine
Kiger, Amy UCSD, Cell & Developmental Biology Y YANG, Long Sanford-burnham Medical Research Institute
Klos, Matt UCSD Yoshida, Taishi Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute
Konhilas, John University of Arizona Z Zanella, Fabian UCSD
Krishnamurthy, Adarsh UC San Diego Zhang, Jianlin School of Medicine, UCSD
L Lange, Stephan University of California San Diego
M MacFadden, Lisa L-3 Communic., Applied Techn., Inc.
Malecova, Barbora Sanford-Burnham Medical research Institute

Meeting Program

Check out the scientific program of the meeting.

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