AMCSD 2013 - Meeting Feedback

Meeting Feedback

We have been working on an online form to get some feedback from attendees. Nearly three weeks have passed since we sent out the email. And its time to see some results. So far 15 people have (mostly anonymously) given comments and rated our meeting in categories such as "Content (depth and breadth)", "Location" or "Format (Poster & Podium Sessions)". While that represents only 22% of all registered attendees, we get at least an impression about their thoughts of how well we did. Well, here are some statistics:

Feeback categories

Most of the people really liked the registration process (in big parts thanks to Gretchen - again - for her skills in generating online forms), the organization of the meeting, its length and the format of the podium sessions. However, we came short in connecting to the local biotech company participation and a little bit on the content it seems. From the comments we heard that people really liked the local and informal character of the meeting, with a wide diversity of topics. On the other hand, some of the biggest complaints were the amount of the food and water provided, and that the venue had too little space. To be honest, we were a little surprised how many people turned up for the meeting. We tried to accommodate everyone, but with a limited budget, and a fixed booking on a conference room that you had to do 3-4 months in advance . . .

Feeback overall

Meeting Program

Check out the scientific program of the meeting.

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